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Case Studies

The following case studies shed light on some of the innovative strategies and effective results we have been able to achieve for our clients and their employees:

Case Study I: Family-Owned Company

  • Problem: Company consists of all family members that are co-owners. Their prior broker placed them in Individual policies, which resulted in some members not qualifying due to pre-existing health conditions. The family was unaware that they were eligible for a group health policy.
  • Resolution: We advised them of their options in the group market. Introduced them to a business attorney to assist with filing the appropriate business documents to comply with state.
  • Outcome: Company enrolled with a carrier that was competitively priced, allowing each member to choose a plan that best fit their needs, and all were approved for coverage.

Case Study II: Overwhelmed Manager

  • Problem: A large firm had a manager who wore several hats (HR, office manager, assistant to executives). Administering the office benefits became a chore that added to her daily stress. Their prior broker failed to listen and never addressed the client’s pain points.
  • Resolution: We met with this client, listened to their pain points, evaluated the situation, and advise the manager on how to delegate these daily tasks to our support team.
  • Outcome: The manager continues to wear several hats, with the exception of Employee Benefits administrator, relieving her of some of her stress.

Case Study III: Competitive But Over-Priced

  • Problem: A company in a highly competitive industry required a benefit package that is just as competitive for employee recruitment and retention. Based on this, a prior broker sold them a rich benefit package with an extremely high price tag.
  • Resolution: We audited the employee benefits portfolio and advised them that they were over-insured. A rich benefit package can be created without purchasing the most expensive plans in the market.
  • Outcome: We saved client over 30% their first year, and they continue to see savings each year (comparing to the premiums they were paying). Both employer and employees are happy with the outcome.


Our goal is to help you secure plans that best match your needs and the needs of your employees. As an independent broker partnering with leading national carriers, we can provide you with objective guidance.