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Why Applefield?

It’s easy to understand why so many businesses choose Applefield-Hughes and remain our clients for generations. We strive to be the only insurance partner you’ll ever want or need, by easing the pain of benefits administration and making the complex simple.

How we ease your pain

Following are some of the repeated complaints we hear from prospective clients before they decide to join Applefield-Hughes:

  • “I don’t hear from my broker. I never seem to know what’s going on.”
  • “I was blindsided by increased insurance costs and have no chance to manage them within my budget.”
  • “I had no idea new regulations were coming and how much impact they would have my business.”
  • “I am spending too much time dealing with billing and claims.”

As a client of ours, you will never feel misinformed or neglected. Every member of our team is dedicated to proactive, thorough communication. We are accountable to make sure you are aware of the factors that may affect your plan and/or your participating employees.

How we make the complex simple

  • Accessibility: We make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have and always close the loop on open issues.
  • Accountability: We are a total solutions provider willing to step in personally to manage carrier billing issues—and even help your employees with their difficult claims.
  • Creativity: We are strategic, not strict or stubborn. Our vast experience means we have a full set of tools and strategies to rely upon to take on the challenges you face.
  • Flexibility: We understand nothing in business is static and are happy to work with you to adapt your insurance program to match any changes in business goals, management or other factors that may necessitate change.


Our goal is to help you secure plans that best match your needs and the needs of your employees. As an independent broker partnering with leading national carriers, we can provide you with objective guidance.